Happy Thanksgiving. Maintain Don't Gain this holiday season and beyond. Practice Bikram with us!
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Bikram Yoga West Loop

Bikram West Loop is an original Hot Yoga school offering Bikram's Beginners series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises performed in a room heated up to 105 degree + fahrenheit and 40% humidity for optimal health benefits.  

We adhere to the Bikram principle by only teaching the exact sequence for the full 90 minute experience.
We do not offer hot yoga classes under a false Bikram label, therefore neither the sequence nor the duration of class is reduced to 60 or 45 minutes. New students and visitors to Chicago are hence advised to check authentic schools on Bikram Yoga website in their desired city before signing up for class.   

We are also the only remaining studio that offers a carpeted floor in the hot room for true Bikram experience.  
For your convenience, we offer mat, towels, locker, storage , beverages for sale and or hire. Ladies' yoga clothes are also available for sale.  

Showers are also available and plenty of parking is available around the studio including validated parking by the studio. 

Bring your mat / towel and water bottle and get fit stretching.

Welcome and we look forward to seeing you at the studio!

Half Moon Pose -- Bikram Beginners' Class
Posture Clinic -- Half Moon Pose
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