Beginners Welcome -- New Student Special $39


"If you don't solve your problems, the universe will solve them for you." is how the story goes.  And like so many others, Naveed discovered Bikram Yoga by "accident", totally undermining the role of forces that help out when someone is truly seeking cosmic intervention. 
So one class did it.  De-stress or detox, whatever it was, the sleep has never been so nourishing and energizing and the outlook on life never been brighter. 
Ever so grateful to the man who created this wonderful method of Yoga and his mission to teach real yoga to the western world, Naveed went on to meet Bikram in 2007 and got trained and certified to teach in Fall 2008. 
Continuing on a mission of all yoga teachers, Naveed is now a full time Director, full time Teacher and a full time student of Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga West Loop. 
Naveed loves teaching here -- in his own words " West loop rules, the people, the taste, the calmness of whole area and coolness of people, we are so fortunate to be here and able to practice and provide such wonderful hot room in west loop for people to practice their favorite yoga asanas."

Naveed instructs the following:
  • 90 minute Bikram Beginners Hot Yoga
  • Classic Bikram's Beginners' Hot Yoga class comprised of 26 postures 2 and breathing exercises practiced in a room heated up to 105 degree Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. The best workout on planet for sure and without a doubt. Suitable for all levels of practitioners.  Beginners friendly.  

  • 60 minute Beginners Hot Yoga
  • Hot Yoga class inspired by Rajashree's sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  Designed for busy individuals seeking same benefits in one hour.  Suitable for all levels of practitioners.