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Good on you that you have visited this page, so you may find more about Bikram Yoga West Loop, may be the team that runs it and Bikram Choudhary - the founder behind Bikram Yoga.  

We profess no position to speak for Bikram himself except to share the passion of his genius, but that we are the custodian of Bikram Yoga method of practicing yoga asanas in a perfect sequence that is safe and brings about transformation, cure from illnesses even chronic diseases, stress and many other benefits that are long lasting.  And not just that , Bikram method practiced in a heated room alone with Bikram dialogue as a mantra for exact same sequence and 90 minutes class brings about the change that no other other duration or method and altering postures in each class teacher to teacher and student to student basis in 45 mins , 60 mins, 75 mins yoga classes duration without any sequence of practice, repetition, without focusing on progressing gradually in the development of "postures" brings about no change.  It might feel nice to do something like that with oneself like going to a beach or a park, but not the benefits of exercising yoga -

"The only definition of exercise is stretching.  If you don't stretch you don't exercise.  You know what you do! -- " Bikram Choudhary 

Bikram Yoga is hard, challenging, intimidating at times and many things could go wrong depending on the state of practitioner, but in the river of all the yoga schools and yoga methods around, this is probably the only lotus worth admiring the muddy pond.  Why because the postures are authentic, undiluted , unaltered and are being practiced and taught by yogis with lineage to Yoga through yogis like Pramahansa Yogananda who was linked to Bishnu Ghosh who was the guru of Bikram Choudhary and hence the claims of practicing postures the right way.  

Everything Bikram learned , Bikram learned from his guru.  His guru sent him to Tokyo to teach yoga to Japanese people, his guru blessed him and sent him to America to teach yoga to Americans and Bikram spent many many years teaching yoga all alone in his guru style, doing his best with English and Japanese language students and instructing and developing a "dialogue" that is the mantra as it knows the human body so well that the sounds alone create the desired neural networks that allow the subconscious mind to do exactly what is required.  And that is his genius. The dialogue yet simple and profound is much deeper in its meaning.  Hence it is safe, allows for progression, and the only health tool around to reclaim our dominion over our mind, body and soul. 

"Create pressure with your left foot soul against the right leg bicep of the thigh muscle." Head to knee stretching, 25th posture, Bikram Sequence , Bikram Dialogue, Bikram Beginners Class,

and on spirituality :

"Spirituality is like a bridge that you build to connect your mind, body and soul.  The effort you put into building that bridge is spirituality" Bikram Choudhary.

So what's the problem

Too many yoga studios, corporate interests, group on, class passes, this studio that studio and each single one of them is out there to make money and make sure that people get no benefits from practicing yoga.  Funded and promoted by huge corporate interests, they tap on the huge explosion of interest in yoga within US, afraid that if everybody starts practicing Bikram or even any other yoga method doing postures correctly, nobody would go sick.  No one will go to war and there will be world peace.  Hence they deliberately planted yoga studios in every city and town where Bikram Yoga studio is or was established and spent huge dollars promoting yoga studios and classes that do exact opposite of what Bikram method is all about.  Health and wellness.

Hence not just they fooled their clients but stole their money too.

But people are generally smart at the end of the day.  The popularity of Bikram and Bikram yoga failed to show the signs of slowing down.  The method as a product is brilliant, it makes a practitioner feels like a champion (afterwards), but the system had to be destroyed.  

This alone is the reason in our belief that Bikram Yoga was targeted to get estranged in scandals.  The oldest trickery was employed.  Since they couldn't destroy Bikram Yoga, they went for the founder behind Bikram Yoga -- Bikram Choudhary and hence keeping many would be practitioners away.  

Bikram has survived most of the attempts on him and his yoga.  There were no evidences to bring about criminal charges against him, but the civil charges awarded some money to the plaintiff.  The damage was inflicted and the blows were felt all across yoga community particularly within Bikram community  



                                                                                        Bikram Before Anyone

Hence as Bikram practitioners and Teachers, we urge you not to pay heed to the politics of yoga and the underlying manipulation of money and power and just think how great it feels to practice Bikram Yoga. 

We are here to serve and teach you, practice with you this beautiful series everyday every step of the way!

*(90 min, 105 degree heat, min 40% humidity carpeted floor and specific space dimensions)
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