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Hello and we are glad you are here.  We are the place where people come to heal naturally. If you are experiencing knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, any sort of discomfort, please don't wast any time. Come try one class and we promise you will feel ten times better.

Like Bikram says: "It's so simple" --essentially we provide the perfect atmosphere and teaching to facilitate oxygenation of blood cells from inside out bones to skin finger tip to toes. This is achieved by employing Bikram's remarkable series of 26 Yoga Postures and 2 breathing exercises also known as Bikram Beginner's Class or Hot Yoga.

In fact the only original Hot Yoga is Bikram Yoga -- 90 minutes class of 26 minutes and 2 breathing exercises performed in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity on a carpeted floor.

Even if you are lucky enough to not have any health issues , consistent Bikram Yoga practice will help you stay flexible, strong, positive with a glowing skin and presence.

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Triangle Pose -- Bikram Beginners' Class
"You have only one leg like cobra - don't open it " 
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