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Denise Green! How She Became the Ruler

Not long a a silly college student in a red shorts was hopping all over the city of Chicago looking for a Bikram studio. Yes, the one that is actually heated, carpeted and offers a proper 90 minutes class by a Bikram Teacher. The one that never shows up in Google search when you type \\\’hot yoga near me.\\\’

Lucky for her she ran into another odd and silly person who would later become the only custodian of Bikram Yoga in Chicago. For her no one ever called her out on her practice and demanded \\\’Ms. Red shorts do this, Ms Red shorts do that. \\\”Ms. Red Short you are doing everything wrong you are not even trying.

Ms. Green thought she is a summa cum laude student at a prestigious university in NY. She lives in NY and no one ever called her out like how it was today and at that moment Ms. Green knew nothing matters, not her PHD degree nor her herbal farm in Hawaii, if you are not a Bikram Teacher standing on a podium directing students in 200 degree heat \\\”Lock your knee\\\” , \\\’suck your stomach in\\\” , \\\’Look up, why are you looking at the floor.\\\” \\\”What\\\’s\\\’ wrong with you, do you think somebody is going to help you?\\\” , then you are wasting your time.

Few years go by, Ms. Green is now even more greener with the blessing of Bikram Choudhary and Bikram Yoga College of India, now that she is the most demanding, most amazing and compassionate Teacher among Bikram Teacher community.

Denise can be found at random parks in NY (Ithaca) picking up flowers and listening to Bikram dialogue on her iPhone with Bose headsets in between her Doctoral assignments and commitments at Cornell University.

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