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We strive to make yoga accessible to all. And in this effort we have derived few options such as Wellness Wednesdays, Discounted Auto Pay and New Student's First Month. Find your best option below:
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Auto Pay

Minimum 4-month commitment required. Enjoy the best value for your practice and other benefits.

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5:30am Class

Embrace the serenity of the early morning and awaken your body and mind with our 5 30am Class.

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Wellness Wednesday

Reduced to $12. Everyone welcome. Must register. Valid only on Wednesdays. Make Yoga Accessible.

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Discounted Autopay

Embark on continuous self-improvement and well-being with our exclusive Limited Auto Pay package.

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Drop In Class

We always ensure there's space available for you, just be sure to arrive before we close the elevator.

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Intro Month

Mat and towel rentals available at a nominal cost. Your month starts on your first class.

Some Other Options

Our Products

Towel, Yoga Mat, Merchandise

We carry the best brands in town when it comes to female yoga clothing.  We also have our best logo bottles, and manduka mats for sale.

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