Bikram Yoga Chicago


Where to Park

Discover Your Parking Sanctuary: Navigate the Urban Maze with Ease

5:30 am Class

At the 5:30 am class, parking becomes a strategic maneuver for those seeking convenience. The streets running north and south, such as Des Plaines or Jefferson, offer a sanctuary for vehicles in the early hours. Until 8 am, the specter of enforcement remains dormant, granting a temporary reprieve to commuters who dare to challenge the urban dawn.

11:30 am Class

Street parking presents itself as a perpetual option for those seeking convenience, albeit at a cost of $4 per hour. However, for classes scheduled between 2 pm and 6 pm, a strategic shift in parking tactics emerges. The alley parking space, conveniently situated directly opposite the studio, emerges as the prime choice. Here, a flat fee of $7 grants unlimited parking hours, a tantalizing offer for both weekday afternoons and weekends alike.

Evening and Weekends

Free parking zones offer a welcome relief in the bustling urban landscape. Along Jefferson between Quincy and Adams, and the north side of Adams before the 90/94 Bridge, parking comes without the price tag. Yet, it’s the eastern side of Des Plaines, flanked by Adams and Monroe, that truly shines with free parking after 7 pm on weekdays and all weekend. Nestled near St. Patrick’s Church and a charming park, it’s a coveted spot for those seeking both convenience and savings.

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