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‘Hot’ yoga sadly has become a fad, but NOT Bikram Yoga! The practice we teach (Bikram Yoga) is the truest form of yoga. Bikram Yoga IS the original hot yoga. An authentic Bikram Yoga class is 90 minutes in duration consisting of 26 beginner friendly postures and 2 breathing exercises. A Bikram Yoga class must
always be led by a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher who learned directly from the source. The sequence is always the same as this allows one to deepen their personal practice. The classroom is
heated to 105F at 40% humidity. These conditions allow the muscles to soften increasing flexibility. Bikram Yoga provides a host of health benefits that will not only improve your strength and
flexibility but also your concentration and focus. Clink the link below to see what postures we focus on in the beginners’ class:


Bikram Yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s. It is considered the most disciplined form of yoga, with every class lasting a set 90 minutes, following the same sequence of asanas (postures) in a heated room. This format is strictly adhered to by certified Bikram Yoga teachers, so a class anywhere in the world should be identical, structured and consistent. Unfortunately for the unaware, numerous Bikram Yoga copycats and other versions of ‘hot’ yoga have emerged over the
years. Bikram Yoga works and there is no comparison to generic gimmicky ‘hot’ yoga. The Yoga speaks for itself. Put in the work and reap the benefits, no shortcuts, no cheating. Our teachers are all certified Bikram Yoga teachers who completed the famous 9-week Bikram Yoga Teacher Training learning directly from the source. The Yoga has lineage which many other corporate or ‘hot’ yoga businesses will never be able to attain, thus making the Yoga an experience that transcends all boundaries, both physical and spiritual.


There are multiple benefits to practicing hot yoga, but it is the principles behind it that ultimately define them. There are three main factors involved: the combination of heat/humidity in the exercise environment, the asanas and the breathing exercises. Heat and humidity have a huge effect on the way the body operates. Muscles are warmed and able to perform more efficiently, then capillaries become dilated and send oxygen more efficiently around the body. The pulse rate is raised, more calories are used, and circulation dramatically improves. Once the body starts to sweat in an attempt to keep cool, toxins are released through the skin. The heat and humidity of the room promotes ‘all over’ sweating, which further encourages organs, such as the liver and kidneys, to detoxify too. The asanas are not only designed to stretch muscles, they also improve posture and promote core strength, which is believed to
aid colonic function. The movements, when combined with deep breathing techniques, allow the mind to focus and become synchronized with the body. This in turn releases endorphins. This process is described by experienced practitioners as feeling akin to a deep state of meditation. 


Bikram Yoga is not just another ’exercise class’ – it is an all- encompassing holistic experience. The best way to start is just show up! We have an incredible first timers’ intro month special. The intro month allows unlimited practice for 30 days. We have three solid hot classes every day. 

Because of the very specific temperature and humidity conditions needed in the hot room, it is difficult to replicate them at home. It is also essential that the asanas and breathing exercises are carried out in the correct way emphasizing form and technique over depth. It is imperative to be taught by a Bikram Certified Yoga teacher that learned from the source, thus providing the safest environment to execute the postures performed in class.

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