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Our goal is to connect the physical body with mind and spirit while holding space for self-discovery and empowerment. Let Bikram Yoga Chicago create an immersive experience through powerful meditation and yoga.

Bikram Yoga Postures

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of health and fitness, where nurturing your body through mindful nutrition, regular exercise, and holistic well-being practices becomes a pathway to vitality, resilience, and a balanced life.


Prana, the life force the energy. Yoga class starts with a breathing exercise where you prepare your body for the rest of class by oxygenating blood cells and warming up your body from inside.

Ardha Chandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana, or Half Moon Pose opens up your skeletal system and helps separating your hips and rib cage. Belongs to Lord Shiva for strength and flexibility


Utkatasana, or Awkward Pose in yoga, involves squatting with arms raised, resembling sitting in an imaginary chair, to strengthen the lower body and improve posture.


Garurasana, or Eagle Pose in yoga, is a standing posture that opens up 14 major joints in human body - 7 each side. Tremendously helps improve balance and flexibility.


Dandayamana-Janushirasana, or Standing Head to Knee Pose in yoga, requires balancing on one leg while extending the other and bringing the forehead to the knee, enhancing strength, flexibility, and focus.


Tuladandasana, or Balancing Stick Pose in yoga, involves extending the body forward with one leg lifted behind and both arms reaching towards the front, fostering balance, strength, and alignment.

Numbers Speak

“Embark on a journey of well-being with Bikram Yoga Chicago; where mindful practices, expert guidance, and a community of enthusiasts converge to elevate your physical, mental, and spiritual health.”
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“With 13 years of expertise, our commitment is fortified, ensuring excellence and proficiency in every facet of our work.”

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“Delivering satisfaction one session at a time, we proudly celebrate 750 happy clients and counting.”

Weekly Classes
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“Elevate your yoga journey with our comprehensive range of 30 classes, designed to nurture and enhance your practice holistically.”

Why Choose Bikram Yoga Chicago

Authentic Bikram Yoga Experience: Our studio offers authentic Bikram Yoga classes suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Led by Certified instructors who understand the needs of new students, our classes provide a supportive environment for you to explore and learn the fundamentals of Bikram Yoga.

Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are the graduates of Bikram Yoga College of India and are trained to cater to students of varying experience levels, including those who are new to yoga.

Convenient Location: Our studio’s central location makes it easy for beginners to incorporate yoga into their daily routine. Whether you’re coming from work or home, our convenient location ensures that you can easily attend classes without added stress or hassle.


Class Schedule​

Bikram Yoga is Beginners' Friendly Yoga

In class, you will find students of all ages and levels.  Practice at your own pace.  Take a break when you like.  Just stay with the group for the entire duration of class to feel awesome afterwards.  Chose a convenient time for your next class below:

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Michael Lübbert
Michael Lübbert
I had a great experience at BYWL last night! I'm new to Chicago and have been teaching and practicing at a studio across town and hadn't had the chance to check out BYWL. As a 14 year Bikram Yoga practitioner I've practiced and taught classes in dozens of hot yoga studios. BYWL is definitely one of the best. The heat / humidity was excellent, the studio design and mirrors are great, the lobby is comfortable and classy... an all around classic Bikram Yoga school. I was there to take a class from traveling teacher, Laju Choudhury, which was a cool way to try this studio for the first time. I hope to take some classes with some of the rest of the BYWL teachers in the future. I definitely recommend taking a class here if you get the chance.
shopping junk
shopping junk
This is an amazing old school Bikram studio ! Instructors are excellent, and it is a huge space. I used to live in Chicago and always stop through when I am back in town . Great vibes !
Jamila Jones
Jamila Jones
Amazing studio and incredibly kind staff!
Chanita Schwartz
Chanita Schwartz
I love BYWL! I used to practice Bikram yoga regularly in my 20s but life happened and got in the way which led me to abandon the practice for 10 yrs. After the longest hiatus, I decided to make time for Bikram again, and the 5:30AM class works out perfectly for me. I was a little intimidated to jump back in, but my fears and insecurities quickly went away upon walking into the space. All of the instructors are warm, welcoming, and encouraging. Even though Bikram yoga is intensely an independent practice, there is a sense of community here, and everyone is courteous to one another. The space is clean and the facility is well maintained. You will absolutely feel the heat and humidity that uniquely makes Bikram so bring your water bottle and get ready for a true physical, mental, spiritual transformation.
Ana Figueroa
Ana Figueroa
Bikram Yoga Chicago IL has created an experience that is just plain right. There is a feel of positive energy the moment one enters the studio. It has a very calming effect that prepares you for the session. The instructors are personable and very helpful and do make it a point to assist newbies.
Carol Gray
Carol Gray
Great studio with a wide variety of instructors, times, and class styles. The rooms are both plenty hot, and the instructors are knowledgeable and generally Hands-On. There is no shampoo in the bathrooms so bring your own, rentals are a couple bucks if you forget, and included in the full monthly membership. Definitely worth the intro month to try it out and see if it's for you!
Finally a yoga studio with integrity! Full 90 min classes taught by certified teachers. This studio is hands down the best in the Midwest!
Randa Hasan
Randa Hasan
Best yoga studio I have been to in Chicago. Awesome teachers!


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